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Case Summary


How Your Gift Is Used

Through the power of Christ’s love we are called to respond to the needs of others. As Catholics, we embrace the gifts we have and joys of life we experience through the eyes of faith. In gratitude, we generously share these gifts.

Your gift to the 2018 Annual Diocesan Appeal provides funds to ministries and programs in these four categories.


Gratitude and Support for the Clergy – to support the healthy and holy formation and education of men for the priesthood and permanent diaconate.

  • Seminarians
  • Permanent Diaconate


Hope and Healing for the Poor – to aid the disadvantaged, the disabled and those who are most in need of God’s healing grace.

  • Catholic Charities
  • Prison Ministry
  • Outreach to Rural and Needy Parishes and Schools


Love and Strengthening for Families – to bind us closer to Christ through our love and respect for one another in families committed to proclaiming the Gospel./

  • Marriage and Family Life
  • Marriage Tribunal


Faith and Formation for Future Generations – to empower our children to grow in their Catholic faith in preparation for a life of Christian leadership and service.

  • Catholic Schools
  • Campus Ministry


TOTAL NEED: $3,300,000




Renee UnderwoodRenée Underwood
Associate Director of the Advancement Foundation



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