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Joining and Its Benefits

Become a member of the Bishop’s Guild. Your membership will go toward the more than $1 million needed annually to cover the cost of seminary tuition and the basic needs of our seminarians.


Joining is easy, complete these steps and you’re a member of the Bishop’s Guild.

  1. Decide which level of membership best fits you.
  2. Complete a Letter of Intent and return by mail along with your payment information.
  3. Or complete the membership process online.


Membership Levels

  • Traditional Membership: $2,500 per year for a three-year commitment ($7,500 total)
  • Associate Membership: $1,000 per year (for people younger than 40)
  • Lifetime Membership: a one-time financial gift of $50,000
  • Corporate Membership: $3,000 (for business owners)


Joining the Bishop's GuildBenefits

When you become a member of the Bishop’s Guild you provide...


For our Seminarians

  • Financial support for their seminary formation
  • Support for their success in achieving the Four Pillars of Priestly Formation
  • Support in understanding that vocations come from real life experiences.


For our Diocese

  • Sharing Bishop Michael Olson’s vision for the growth of the Fort Worth Diocese.
  • A stronger sense of community.
  • Solidarity in the succession plan for our Diocesan priests.
  • Resources to provide seminary education for each man who responds to God’s call.


For Yourself

  • The peace of heart that comes with sacrificial giving for the sustainability of our Catholic faith through the priesthood.
  • A broader understanding of the selection and formation process of seminarians.
  • Learning about the four Pillars of Priestly Formation
  • A deepening of your faith through broad social connections.


We want to be part of the Bishop’s Guild to join other lay Catholics who realize the importance of educating and supporting our seminarians through their discernment to serve the church.
— Donna and Walt Springer, Good Shepherd, Colleyville




Elizabeth A. BeckerElizabeth A. Becker
Advancement Associate




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