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He always provides the words if we just listen. Isn't it just amazing!


Why I Joined the Bishop's Guild

"Have you ever noticed, when you are with Catholic friends, two topics often come up: first the lack of religious vocations, and second, our 'aging' priest population? You usually don't spend much time, because there isn't an easy answer, to either.

However, as a Catholic, in the Diocese of Fort Worth, we can count our blessings, because, we have 27 men studying for the priesthood, with 9 more waiting. So now it's a different question, 'How can I help'? I've found the answer; I've joined the Bishop's Guild.

The Bishop's Guild purpose is twofold, first to help our seminarians, in their journey to priesthood. And second, to support our retired priests, who have served us throughout their priestly lives. It's a team I want to be on!

Butch Bercher (Good Shepherd, Colleyville)

He said to his disciples, "The harvest is large, but there are few workers to gather it in. Pray to the owner of the harvest that he will send out workers to gather in the harvest." (Matthew 9:37-38). As we mediated on this passage, it was very clear that all Catholics need to help the few that touch the multitudes - our priests. The Bishop's Guild supports our seminarians by educating them to help all Catholics harvest souls and our retired priests by taking care of those who Jesus says, "Well done you good and faithful servant."

Terry and Linda Steele (Good Shepherd, Colleyville)

I believe that our Fort Worth Diocese is so very blessed to have Bishop Vann as our spiritual leader, and want to support him in his effort to shepherd us forward.

We have prayed for years both in our churches and in private that God would provide us with more holy priests to increase His Kingdom on earth, and He is answering our prayers with 27 seminarians in our diocese. I believe it is our privilege and duty to help educate them through the Bishop's Guild.

Frankie Bercher (Good Shepherd, Colleyville)

When Bishop's guild was presented to me, it became obvious that this was a purpose and a need that was not being adequately served. Congregations in Texas are growing, priests are retiring and new priests are either in short supply or the diocese is not in a position to support the seminarians who are preparing for priesthood in a timely fashion. I have heard it said that this lack of funding is a result of money being diverted for legal defense – that is untrue. This wonderful growth of the parishes in Texas is resulting in demands for resources and greater use of available funds. The Bishop's Guild will provide additional financial support for our priests from seminary to retirement, ensuring the church's ability to provide these valuable services in the future for our children and their children. The need is real and the time is now.

Ed and Teri Gray (Good Shepherd, Colleyville)

We want to be part of the Bishop's Guild to join other lay Catholics who realize the importance of educating and supporting our seminarians through their discernment to serve the church, and that, as our priests reach the end of their service, to focus on assuring their dignified retirement.

Donna and Walt Springer (Good Shepherd Colleyville)

Like most good Catholics we try our best to support faithfully and financially the various programs the Church calls us to support but often it is difficult to truly identify how, individually, we can make a difference. When we heard about the specific goals of the Bishop's Guild and the identifiable way we could actually help, we were happy to join. We hope others will see the opportunity and also say "I can make a difference" in the future success of our Priests as well as help to support those who have given their hearts and spirit to help us for so many years.

Ron and Kay Maness (Good Shepherd, Colleyville)





Elizabeth A. BeckerElizabeth A. Becker
Advancement Associate




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