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Prayer, Service, Generosity
Stewardship as a Way of Life
Time, Talent, Treasure



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Stewardship Webinar Series


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Make Disciples, Transform Lives

By LPi Stewardship & Communications Company

Join us as we explore the difference between engagement and discipleship, and how both are important when building a vibrant parish community. Learn how to communicate and evangelize effectively to bring people closer to Christ.

Spirituality of Giving

By Loaves + Fishes

The theory that if a parish concentrates on the gifts of time and talent, the treasure will follow doesn’t always hold true today. This webinar will focus on the spiritual side of giving money to support the Church and practical tools to help parishioners be better stewards of all their money.

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Nurturing Gratitude

By Loaves + Fishes

If members of a faith community are not able to see the many blessings they have and to affirm and give thanks for their abundant gifts, it is difficult for them to embrace the call to freely share their time, talent, and treasures with others. Cultivating a personal lifestyle or a culture of stewardship in a faith community is dependent on the ability of persons and communities to nurture the “attitude of gratitude”. An exploration of gratitude well as some practical ideas how to personally and communally nurture this virtue will be presented.

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Building Bridges to the Heart of the Community

By Loaves + Fishes

Do you hope to form your parishioners as disciples and good stewards? Are you ready to build a parish community in which people grow as members of Christ’s body, from which they are sent as missionary disciples? Building Bridges to the Heart of the Community will explore ways to engage your people to be committed disciples of Jesus Christ and to live as good and faithful stewards through an annual period of stewardship renewal and commitment or parish covenant process.

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Insights into Parish Stewardship

By Loaves + Fishes

Many parishes search for practical stewardship tools they can implement to strengthen faith life, increase ministry participation and encourage generous giving. This webinar will review techniques to increase...

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Helping Those in Need

By Loaves + Fishes

In our everyday lives, we run across those who are poor and in need of resources. There are many ways to give resources to those in need and they are not always monetary. The webinar will explore different ways...

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Activating People in the Pews

By Loaves + Fishes

We are all called to be good stewards of our time in helping to build the Kingdom of God. This webinar will explore practical (and easy to implement) ideas on how to get parishioners to commit their time to enhance parish liturgy...

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