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The Four Pillars of Stewardship

Four Pillars of Parish Stewardship from Wichita, Kansas.  View document



Christian Kindness: "When I was a stranger, you welcomed me." (Matt. 25:35)

  • Is your parish a welcoming and hospitable place of worship?
  • How are new parishioners welcomed into your parish family?
  • Do long-standing members of the parish feel welcome and involved?

Helpful Resources:

Hospitality Ideas
New Member Packet Contents

What hospitality is and is not?



A Heart to Heart with God: "Prayer is as necessary to our souls as food is to our bodies." (Characteristics of a Christian Steward)

  • Is your parish a place of prayer?
  • Is it evident to you that the directions and decisions of the parish are guided by a deep prayer life of the parish community?

Helpful Resources:


Stewardship Prayer
Suggestions for Your Personal Growth in Prayer
Prayer Process from Matthew Kelly (English)
Prayer Process from Matthew Kelly (Spanish)



Continuous Conversion: "Being a disciple is not just something else to do, alongside many other things suitable for Christians. It is a total way of life and requires continuing conversion." (USCCB's Stewardship a Disciple's Response - Pastoral Letter on Stewardship)

  • Do the mission, vision, objectives and goals of your parish include enough emphasis upon faith formation of parishioners?
  • If not, in what area(s) in the parish does greater faith formation need to occur?

Helpful Resources:

Stewardship Book Recommendations
Book Review-Dynamic Catholic by Matthew Kelly
Book Review-Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry Weddell

Virtues of Christian Steward:

Virtue of Prayer
Virtue of Generosity
Virtue of Humility
Virtue of Mercy
Virtue of Patience
Virtue of Perseverance
Virtue of Responsibility
Virtue of Simplicity
Virtue of Trust



Love in Action: "...Amen I say to you, whatever you did for the least of my brothers, you did for me." (Matt. 25:40)

  • How do the pillars of hospitality, prayer and formation manifest themselves through the service ministries offered in your parish?
  • Are we a maintenance church, looking inward, or a mission church who exists to serve the needs of the parish and community?

Stewardship Formation for Ministry Leaders




Diana LiskaDiana Liska
Director of Stewardship & Parish Relations
Cell: 312-919-3764

Paula ParrishPaula K. Parrish, CFRE
Executive Director of Advancement Foundation


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