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The Four Pillars of Stewardship

Four Pillars of Parish Stewardship from the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas.
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Christian Kindness: "When I was a stranger, you welcomed me." (Matt. 25:35)

  • Is your parish a welcoming and hospitable place of worship?
  • How are new parishioners welcomed into your parish family?
  • Do long-standing members of the parish feel welcome and involved?

Helpful Resources

Things we should say to church guests
New member packet contents
How to make someone feel at home

Contact Diana Liska for a Hospitality Training at your parish.

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A Heart to Heart with God: "Prayer is as necessary to our souls as food is to our bodies." (Characteristics of a Christian Steward)

  • Is your parish a place of prayer?
  • Is it evident to you that the directions and decisions of the parish are guided by a deep prayer life of the parish community?

Parish Perpetual Adoration

Everything you need to start Perpetual Adoration at your parish.
Perpetual Adoration Resources

Helpful Resources

Prayers: U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
Stewardship Prayer
Suggestions for Your Personal Growth in Prayer
Prayer Process from Matthew Kelly (English)
Prayer Process from Matthew Kelly (Spanish)

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Continuous Conversion: "Being a disciple is not just something else to do, alongside many other things suitable for Christians. It is a total way of life and requires continuing conversion." (USCCB's Stewardship a Disciple's Response - Pastoral Letter on Stewardship)

  • Do the mission, vision, objectives and goals of your parish include enough emphasis upon faith formation of parishioners?
  • If not, what area(s) in the parish does greater faith formation need to occur?

Helpful Resources

U.S. Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Stewardship
Stewardship Book Recommendations
Book Review: 4 Signs of a Dynamic Catholic by Matthew Kelly
Book Review: Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry Weddell

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Love in Action: "...Amen I say to you, whatever you did for the least of my brothers, you did for me." (Matt. 25:40)

  • How do the pillars of hospitality, prayer and formation manifest themselves through the service ministries offered in your parish?
  • Are we a maintenance church, looking inward, or a mission church who exists to serve the needs of the parish and community?

Helpful Resources

Annual Stewardship Ministry Evaluation Form
Script for Updating Ministry Information - Holy Family
Script for Updating or Creating a New Ministry - Holy Family
New Ministry Request Form



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