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What does "Stewardship As a Way of Life" look like?

  • Peace of mind – trusting in God allows us not to worry
  • Less attachment to money – we are just caretakers of what we have here on earth
  • Joy in giving – it is more blessed to give than to receive
  • Higher engagement rate within parish life and a greater sense of community
  • Live out of gratitude to thank God for all He has given
  • More ministries and service outreach for the community


Starting Parish Stewardship Starts with Discipleship

Stewardship of prayer, service and generosity, knowing, living, and sharing our faith, promoting vocations for the abundant harvest, and helping preserve our earth for our generation and the next is how we live out our commitment to being Disciples of Christ.

This page is for lay people, church employees and priests who are passionate about building the Kingdom of God. Everything you need to start your own Stewardship journey can be found here.

2018 Annual Calendar with Customizable Dates


How to Get Started

Stewardship Assessment for new parishes
Starting Parish Stewardship Guide
Committee Action Items - Ideas to Implement in Your Parish
Do's and Don’ts for Stewardship Success
Stewardship Vocabulary
A Simple Approach to Creating a Vision
Moving to Mission
Stewardship Committee Formation


Please reach out to Diana Liska, Director of Stewardship, for more information or guidance while you begin.




Diana LiskaDiana Liska
Director of Stewardship & Parish Relations



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