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Diocesan Stewardship for Parishes

What you are doing is creating a “center of excellence” where you can provide assistance, networking, resources and support for a parish, thank you!

Rick Wright, St. Mark, Denton

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Stewardship at the Diocesan Level

The Stewardship Office supports Catholics throughout the Diocese of Fort Worth by providing resources to help increase engagement, prayer life and discipleship. God has called each of us to be faithful stewards of the many gifts he has given us, and stewardship is fundamentally the work of the Spirit in our lives, using us as joyful bearers of the Good News of Salvation.

How the Stewardship Office Helps:

  • Provide parish leadership with organizational tools.
  • Help parishioners learn about the spirituality of Stewardship.
  • Assist parishes with the formation of their Stewardship Committees.
  • Commitment Card Templates (Earth, Vocations, Prayer, Service, Faith & Generosity)
  • Stewardship Graphics
  • Year-round Stewardship Prayers of the Faithful
  • Commitment Weekends: Step by Step Guide
  • Ministry Catalogue Template
  • Newsletter Template
  • Diocesan Printing Services
  • Stewardship Committee Formation Support
  • Recommended Providers for Websites, Online Giving, Bulletins, Increased Offertory Programs
On-site Workshops & Presentations
  • Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response, An Overview of the USCCB Pastoral Letter on Stewardship
  • Misconceptions of Stewardship
  • Signs of a Stewardship Parish
  • Committee Formation and Planning
  • Hospitality — How Warm is Your Welcome?
  • 4 Pillars of Stewardship
  • 4 Core Values of Stewardship
  • Year Round Stewardship Model
Annual Renewal Opportunities & Training
  • Diocesan Day of Stewardship – Held in the Spring
  • Lay Witness Training
  • Ministry Fair Training

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Rachel Martinez, CFRE
Director of Annual Giving and Grants

Renée Underwood, CFRE
Chief Development Officer of the Advancement Foundation

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