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Annual Diocesan Appeal

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a list of questions that are frequently asked by visitors about the Annual Diocesan Appeal. Please look through the list to find answers.

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What is the Annual Diocesan Appeal?

The Annual Diocesan Appeal is an annual invitation to all of the faithful in the Diocese of Fort Worth to contribute for the common good and impact lives beyond the scope of any individual parish. The Appeal mission is to witness to God’s grace in our lives by together sharing the Gospel message of faith, hope and charity with those most in need of attention.

Why is it important to support the Annual Diocesan Appeal?

The Annual Diocesan Appeal makes a difference for so many in the Diocesan family – for rural parishes, schools and families in need; the homeless and the sick; men in formation for priesthood and the diaconate; and other important ministries and programs.

Who is being asked to support the Annual Diocesan Appeal?

Every Catholic household in the Diocese of Fort Worth is being asked for their prayerful consideration of a gift to the Annual Diocesan Appeal. Each parish is assigned a goal for the annual campaign. Faithful support from every family in the parish each year – regardless of the amount – helps the parish reach its goal.

Are pledges and one-time gifts the only types of gifts accepted?

There are three types of gifts to the Appeal – pledge, one-time or recurring. Payments of cash, check, credit card and direct debit can be made by postal mail, online or via electronic giving. Monthly reminders (November-June) can also be mailed to donors for pledge payments. Gifts of appreciated stock, qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) or donor advised funds have special considerations and requirements. Contact 817-533-3174 for more information.

How are gifts processed?

All gifts to the Appeal are deposited in the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth Advancement Foundation, processed in donor records by the Gift Management Team and a gift acknowledgement sent to each donor. Consolidated tax statements are mailed in January.

Do parishes receive money from the Annual Diocesan Appeal?

100% of Annual Diocesan Appeal donations serve the published case elements and support ministries, programs and services that reach beyond the scope of any individual parish. This includes $1 million budgeted to provide operating grants for rural and needy parishes.

How does the Annual Diocesan Appeal support Catholic Schools?

Funds received through the Annual Diocesan Appeal directly benefit Catholic schools throughout the Diocese of Fort Worth through operating grants, safety and security initiatives, tuition assistance, sponsorships, corporate work study opportunities, and consulting services for fiscal management and development.

Will these funds be used for any other purpose?

All funds raised through the Appeal will be used exclusively for the items listed in the Appeal materials. None of these funds will be used to settle lawsuits or to pay legal fees.

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Rachel Martinez, CFRE
Director of Annual Giving and Grants

Renée Underwood, CFRE
Chief Development Officer of the Advancement Foundation

Dianna Rhoads
Gift Processing Supervisor

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