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Annual Diocesan Appeal

St. Ignatius Academy

Student and faculty picture, St. Ignatius Academy, 1910

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Giving Societies

Donors of $500 or more to the Annual Diocesan Appeal are recognized as members in one of five giving societies.

  • St. Stanislaus Society — $5,000 and more
  • St. Alice Society — $2,500 to $4,999
  • St. William Society — $1,500 to $2,499
  • San Patricio Society — $1,000 to $1,499
  • St. John Society — $500 to $999

Let us remember the past with gratitude, live the present with enthusiasm, and look forward to the future with confidence.

Saint Pope John Paul II

2018 Giving Society Members

Membership in one of five giving levels recognizes your generous gift to the Annual Diocesan Appeal while remembering those who have gone before us in our history in North Texas. We are deeply grateful to the donors that made gifts of $500 or more to the 2018 Annual Diocesan Appeal.

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St. Patrick Cathedral
St. Stanislaus Parish became St. Patrick Cathedral.
St. Stanislaus Society ($5,000 and up)

Fort Worth’s first parish church was a frame structure built at 1212 Throckmorton Street and called St. Stanislaus Church. The cornerstone of St. Patrick’s Church, now Cathedral, was laid in 1888, with the church built just north of St. Stanislaus Church, which stood until 1907.

Your gift helps continue the legacy of the Diocese of Fort Worth. Please pray for those who have gone before us in our history of the Church in North Texas.


Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Augustine, Wichita Falls
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence F. Bercher, Colleyville
Dr. & Mrs. James Boehmler IV, Fort Worth
Mrs. Kathleen Clemens, Fort Worth
Mrs. Mary K. Da Mommio, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn M. Darden, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Drum, Flower Mound
Mr. & Mrs. John Fiebig, Southlake
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hawrylak, Keller
Mrs. Lualice D. Hoffman, Fort Worth

Mr. & Mrs. Cary Hy, Grapevine
Mr. & Mrs. Murphy Markham IV, Westlake
Mr. Thomas Mozjesik, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Nowak, Flower Mound
Mr. & Mrs. Melquiades A. Parra, Lantana
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Selbitschka, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. John Sellers, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tenny, Krum
Ms. Mary Jo Zignego, Keller

Holy Family Parish
St. Alice Parish became Holy Family Parish.
St. Alice Society ($2,500 to $4,999)

Due to rapid population increases and the need for new parishes, the old St. Alice Church and School were abandoned to be replaced farther west by Holy Family Parish, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, which was dedicated in May, 1965 and remains active today.

Your gift helps continue the legacy of the Diocese of Fort Worth. Please pray for those who have gone before us in our history of the Church in North Texas.


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Arth, Southlake
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Babione, Colleyville
Mr. Emil Berger, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. David Casselman, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Daboub, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. David Davis, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Darrel Derrickson, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Doskocil Sr., Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Fox, Kennedale
Ms. Frances M. Hickman, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence L. Hogue, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. John Horn, Iowa Park

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Hyde, Arlington
Ms. Patricia A. King, Euless
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lyman, Colleyville
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Madden, Flower Mound
Mr. & Mrs. Martin McDonald, Benbrook
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Metzler, Bowie
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Plohg, Westlake
Mr. Steven Reilly, Arlington
Ms. Ellen Truby, Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Warminiski, Fort Worth
Mr. Henry Wier, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Wimberly, Arlington

St. Maria Goretti Church
St. William Parish became St. Maria Goretti Parish.
St. William Society ($1,500 to $2,499)

In the mid-1960’s, the greatest area of growth was the mid-cities complex of communities. The church of St. William on Highway 80 in Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas, evolved into St. Maria Goretti Church, which continues today as one of seven active parishes located in Arlington.

Your gift helps continue the legacy of the Diocese of Fort Worth. Please pray for those who have gone before us in our history of the Church in North Texas.


Mrs. Donna M. Anderson, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Zachary Baker, Megargel
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Barham, Fort Worth
Mrs. Evelyn Baum, Southlake
Ms. Hope Berens, Hickory Creek
Mr. & Mrs. Otto A. Bilitz, Flower Mound
Mr. & Mrs. Craig E. Birkenfeld, Arlington
Ms. Lorraine D. Bourassa, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Boyd, Palo Pinto
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Brown, Burleson
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bullinger, Henrietta
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Byrne Jr., Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Trent Carlile, Decatur
Mrs. Patricia Champang, Weatherford
Mr. & Mrs. Pat J. Charles, Arlington
Mr. John D. Cook, Benbrook
Deacon & Mrs. James M. Crites, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dellies, Hurst
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Desmarais, Euless
Ms. Eleanor C. Edwards, Wichita Falls
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Ellis, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. August Felderhoff, Muenster
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fitzpatrick, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Devek K. Frech, Wichita Falls
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Gay, Colleyville
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Gilb, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Gillen, Azle
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin J. Girouard, Fort Worth
Ms. Marcia Hackett, Fort Worth
Mr. Eugene V. Hannigan, Bedford
Deacon & Mrs. Jim Harvey, Arlington
Mr. Louis G. Hemler Jr., Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Edmund P. Hemmerick, Flower Mound
Mr. Chinh Gia Hoang & Mrs. Minhduyen T. Nguyen, Colleyville
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher K. Hull, Fort Worth
Ms. Aimee L. Jaksa, Arlington

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jez, Colleyville
Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Jones, Weatherford
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Karl, Keller
Mrs. Patricia Kelly, Grapevine
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. King, Fort Worth
Mr. Steven Koehler, Mineral Wells
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kuckelman, Valley View
Mr. & Mrs. Karl K. LaFleur, Weatherford
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Leslie, Arlington
Dr. Carlos L. Macias & Dr. Zohra Macias, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. John Martin, Southlake
Mr. & Mrs. John Mathiesen, Mansfield
Mr. & Mrs. Stace L. McRae, Double Oak
Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Miclette, Grapevine
Mr. Kenneth Mueller, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Nunley, Haslet
Mr. Matthew O'Hearn, Wichita Falls
Mr. & Mrs. James P. O'Neil, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Policky, North Richland Hills
Mr. Randon Porter III & Mrs. Peggy Porter, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Prochaska, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Rankin, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Rein, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Ruddy, Petrolia
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Runyan, Pantego
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rustand, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. George P. Shelton III, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Spielmann, Colleyville
Mr. Michael Stankiewicz, Dallas
Mr. & Mrs. Hans Stettler, Grapevine
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Thompson, Kennedale
Mr. William J. Thornton Jr., Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Hongnhat Tu, Grand Prairie
Mrs. Rozanne Veeser, Arlington
Mr. Alejandro Xotlanihua & Ms. Viviana Bastida, Keller

Sacred Heart of Jesus
San Patricio Parish was incorporated into Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish.
San Patricio Society ($1,000 to $1,499)

From its beginning in 1964, parishioners of San Patricio Church in Throckmorton, Throckmorton County, Texas, held services in local homes until land was donated. The people held fundraisers and eventually bought an older building to serve as their church. San Patricio was closed in September of 2001.

Your gift helps continue the legacy of the Diocese of Fort Worth. Please pray for those who have gone before us in our history of the Church in North Texas.


Mr. & Mrs. David Arditti, Arlington
Ms. Brianna Arias, Grand Prairie
Mr. & Mrs. David Armendariz, Grapevine
Ms. Cynthia Baker, Carrollton
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Baker, Southlake
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bass, Fort Worth
Mr. Harold Beck & Mrs. Michelle Beck, Hudson Oaks
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Beckley, Granbury
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bertoni, Flower Mound
Mr. & Mrs. John Birt, Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Bonewitz, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Brandt, Dallas
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Bransford Jr., Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. L. O. Brightbill III, Fort Worth
Ms. Melinda Caeti, Denton
Dr. & Mrs. John A. Calabrese, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Carpenter, Aledo
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Carter D.O., Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Claussen, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Cockerell, Seymour
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Connors, Wichita Falls
Mrs. Mary Corley, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Croff, Sanger
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Crumley, Fort Worth
Mr. Joseph Dancses, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Davidovich, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Davis, Southlake
Mr. & Mrs. William Dederichs, Hudson Oaks
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Distel, Wichita Falls
Mr. Andy Donnelly, Cleburne
Mr. & Mrs. Dustin Doversberger, Flower Mound
Mr. Robert L. Downtain, Bedford
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Drake, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Ehler, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Eller, Arlington
Dr. & Mrs. Ronnie Erwin, Fort Worth
Mrs. Kathleen Fancher, Grapevine
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Fedeanis, Northlake
Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Felderhoff, Muenster
Mr. James Ferracci, Aledo
Mr. & Mrs. John Fetters, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. L. Michael Flores, Fort Worth
Deacon & Mrs. Scott France, Cresson
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Furlow, Carrollton
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Galbraith, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. John Gallagher, Westlake
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Gantt, Gainesville
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Gelzleichter, Lewisville
Mr. & Mrs. Hartwell A. Gilliard, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Gilliland, Trophy Club
Mr. & Mrs. Al Goosens, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Dale J. Granacki, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmey A. Granger, Lewisville
Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Guidry, Fort Worth
Mrs. Elaine Hall, Weatherford
Mr. & Mrs. W. Patrick Harris, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond W. Harrison, Pantego
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hawkins, Lewisville
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Henkes Jr., Bedford
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Hibbeler, Granbury
Mr. & Mrs. Les J. Hogan, Euless
Ms. Rennie Hubnik, Fort Worth
Ms. M A Jackson, Bedford
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Jacobs, Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Javens, Southlake
Deacon & Mrs. William Johnson, Grand Prairie
Mr. & Mrs. M. Johnson, Flower Mound
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Johnston, Cisco
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Jones, Arlington
Mr. Matthew G. Karl, Wichita Falls
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Keller, Graham
Mr. Lloyd Kelley, Roanoke
Ms. Sherry Kelsey, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Kinch, Fort Worth
Mr. Carl King Jr., Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Kinsman, Southlake
Mr. & Mrs. Randy R. Klemmer, Arlington
Ms. Barbara J. Kreckman, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Krupp, Aledo
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Kubes, Fort Worth

Ms. Susan M. Kuhlo, Carrollton
Mr. & Mrs. John Kurth, North Richland Hills
Mr. & Mrs. John Kutrybala, Mansfield
Ms. Andrea J. LaCroix, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Victor J. LaGarde, Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Leisten, Colleyville
Miss Silvia Lesko, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. David Letts, Mansfield
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Levitt, Haltom City
Mr. Barry C. Lieb, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Merril G. Lieb, Colleyville
Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Lindauer, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. George Luke, Carrollton
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney W. Mai, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Rogelio Martinez, Fort Worth
Mrs. Irene McClellan, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent N. McColm, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Bob McGovern, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. William McNeill, Arlington
Ms. Sarah Merlau, Wichita Falls
Mr. Robert Miller, Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Miller, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Mohr, Aledo
The Reverend Michael Moloney, Windthorst
Dr. Marilyn K. Moody & Dr. Stephen Barksdale, Arlington
Mrs. Mary Moore, Fort Worth
Dr. & Mrs. Andres R. Morales, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Muga, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Newhouse, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Dinh G. Nguyen, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. James Nobert, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Kerry M. O'Connell Sr., Arlington
Ms. Stephanie O'Donnell, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Orean, Bedford
The Reverend James P. O'Toole, Bedford
Ms. Cecilia Pannell, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Parenteau, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Peysen, Wichita Falls
Mrs. Susan Pritchett, Fort Worth
Mrs. Roseann Reddick, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Redding, Flower Mound
Mr. & Mrs. Claudie Richardson, Henrietta
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Richey, Wichita Falls
Mr. Daniel Riehm, Hudson Oaks
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Roberts, Burleson
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Roessler, Fort Worth
Mr. Keith Ronck, Southlake
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ruflin, Aledo
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley E. Samuelson, Wichita Falls
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Schmidt, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Schmitz, Gainesville
Mrs. Gloria Schroeder, Windthorst
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle M. Schultz, Fort Worth
Mr. Paul C. Sharpe & Mrs. Gretchen Sharpe, Mansfield
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Sinnes, Bedford
Mr. Michael Skunda, Granbury
Mr. & Mrs. Darin Smith, Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Snell, Weatherford
Mr. & Mrs. Sean A. Stenovitch, Bartonville
Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Stivison, Bedford
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Stumbo, Fort Worth
Ms. Sara Sweeney, Hurst
Ms. Stephanie A. Thompson, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Trippany, Carrollton
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Trout, Arlington
Dr. & Mrs. Chris Tye, Colleyville
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Upperman, Southlake
Ms. Peggy F. Uribe, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Vacca, Mansfield
Ms. Erin P. Vader, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. John Vering, Southlake
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby M. Viteaux, Fort Worth
Dr. & Mrs. Russell Wagner, Fort Worth
Mr. Burley Walker Jr., Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Walworth, Mansfield
Mr. & Mrs. Brenton Warren, Hurst
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Weinzapfel, Muenster
Mr. & Mrs. George Wilson, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Wood, Devol, OK
Mr. Kelly Zwinggi, Lindsay

St. Mary Parish
St. John Parish was incorporated into St. Mary Parish.
St. John Society ($500 to $999)

Established as a mission of the Diocese of Dallas in 1896 and then as a parish in 1948, St. John Church in Valley View, Cooke County, Texas, served families of the area until its closing in July, 2007. Families are now served by St. Mary Parish in Gainesville.

Your gift helps continue the legacy of the Diocese of Fort Worth. Please pray for those who have gone before us in our history of the Church in North Texas.


Mr. Frank Able, Arlington
Mr. Stephen R. Albert, Keller
Mr. Lawrence M. Allen, Euless
Dr. & Mrs. Bob J. Arend, Hurst
Mrs. Merrie L. Athickal, Colleyville
Mr. & Mrs. Kraig Averette, Lewisville
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Baas, Roanoke
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Baird, Southlake
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Barad, Burkburnett
Mr. & Mrs. Adam W. Barb, The Colony
Mr. Bill B. Barclay, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Bartley, Arlington
Ms. Linda Beaman, Hurst
Mr. & Mrs. John Beasley, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. L. F. Bednar, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Benson, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Berry, Fort Worth
Mrs. Carol Beyer, Hillsboro
Mr. Jacob Bezner, Dallas
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Jack Biffle II, Muenster
Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Binyon, Southlake
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bohnenkamp, Keller
Mr. Wesley Boots, Watauga
Dr. & Mrs. James H. Bordelon, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Bordovsky, Arlington
Mr. Jesus Borga Borja, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Boschert, Dallas
Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Bouthillier, Springtown
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Boyle, Colleyville
Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Brannon Jr., Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley T. Bratton, Bedford
Mrs. Evelyn Breaux, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Monty Brouse, N. Richland Hills
Mr. Michael Brown, Wichita Falls
Ms. Marie Brown, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard M. Brown, Munday
Mrs. Joan L. Butler, Grapevine
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Butler, Aledo
Mr. & Mrs. Jim E. Caldwell, Arlington
Ms. Mary Ann Camp, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Carnahan, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Carolan, Fort Worth
Mrs. Irene Carson, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Carter, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Casey, Colleyville
Mrs. Pat Coker, Seymour
Dr. & Mrs. Samuel T. Coleridge, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Colwell, Lindsay
Mr. & Mrs. William Cotter, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Lucien Cressionnie, Trophy Club
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Crisafulli, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Crissey, Arlington
Mrs. Gloria E. Crossett, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Tim C. Cvar, Argyle
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Darnell, Wichita Falls
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Davis, Flower Mound
Mr. & Mrs. Marque Davis Sr., Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Deel, Bedford
Mr. & Mrs. Roland Degraauw, Keller
Dr. & Mrs. Louis DeSantis Jr., Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Devlin, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Di Salvi, N. Richland Hills
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Dorner, N. Richland Hills
Mrs. Megan Downing, Saginaw
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Duane, Grapevine
Mr. Randy Dunahoe & Ms. Roberta Humphries, Cisco
Mr. & Mrs. Dung Anh Duong, Grand Prairie
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Easler, Flower Mound
GMCM (SW) Robert J Eisenberg USN Ret., Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Erickson, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Erts, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. James Fanning, Colleyville
Mr. & Mrs. David D. Ferman, Arlington
Ms. Maristella Feustle, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Fitzwater, N. Richland Hills
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Fleitman, Lindsay
Mr. & Mrs. Jon R. Flynt, Lewisville
Ms. Karen Fontanella, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. John R. French, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Frerich, Vernon
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Fuhrmann, Gainesville
Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Fuhrmann, Gainesville
Ms. Anna Maria Galvan, Carrollton
Ms. Patricia Gazewood & Mr. William Anderson, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Gehrki, Keller
Mr. Henry C. Gensweider, Arlington
Mr. Arnim I. Gerstenmeier, Burleson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Gieb, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Gilkerson, Burkburnett
Ms. Lucille Gill, Southlake
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Goodwin, Grapevine
Mr. John Grady, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Robin E. Green, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. James Gribschaw, Colleyville
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Gruensfelder, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Gutierrez, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Guzman Jr., Richland Hills
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Hagen, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Hall, Granbury
Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Halley, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Furd Halsell, Pilot Point
Lt. Col. & Mrs. Peter D. Hanrahan USAF, Retired, Wichita Falls
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hargrove, Colleyville
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Hawley, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hayford, Flower Mound
Mrs. Laretta Hefner, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Dolphy J. Hellman, Muenster
Mrs. Sylvia Hemphill, Wichita Falls
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hendry, Flower Mound
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hermes, Lindsay
Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Herring, Breckenridge
Ms. Sheila Hill, Aledo
Mr. & Dr. Blas Daniel Hinojosa, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Ho, Wichita Falls
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory S. Hoch, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Holub, Seymour
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hornbaker, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hornung, Frisco
Mr. & Mrs. Wh Hufham, Arlington
Ms. Joan M. Humble, Crowley
Mr. & Mrs. James Humphrey, Fort Worth
Mr. Rene R. Isip, Westlake
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Jackson, Hurst
Ms. Vicki Jacobs, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Janecka, Saginaw
Dr. & Mrs. Berchmans John, Arlington
Ms. Norma Johnston, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Jones, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Jones, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. David G. Jost, Carrollton
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Kallhoff, Gainesville
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Kempf, Bedford
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Knezek, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kohn, Hurst
Mr. Raymond M. Kramer, Pantego
Ms. Linda Krucky, North Richland Hills
Mr. Patrick Kuntz & Mrs. Linda Kuntz, Fort Worth
Dr. Matthew Kyrish, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale P. La Posta, Arlington
Mrs. Jean Lane, Fort Worth
Mrs. Margaret Lane, Denton
Mrs. Diann Laursen, Stephenville

Mrs. Margaret Lee, Roanoke
Ms. Mary Ann Leino, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. James V. Leito III, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. John Levey, Colleyville
Mr. & Mrs. Terry D. Lewis, Arlington
Ms. Monica L'Hommedieu, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Lieser, Arlington
Mr. Tom Lin & Mrs. Katie T. Ngo, Haltom City
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Linenberger, Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lippe, Muenster
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Litteken, Windthorst
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lomax, Saginaw
Mrs. Michelle Lovato, Southlake
Mr. Michael Lucibello, Keller
Mr. Paul Makens, Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Roderick Malapitan, Flower Mound
Dr. & Mrs. Robert T. Mallet, Weatherford
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Mango, Hurst
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Marek, Arlington
Dr. & Mrs. Randall Martin, Arlington
Ms. Christine Martinez, Burleson
Mr. & Mrs. Baldomero Martinez, Wichita Falls
Mr. & Mrs. Guadalupe J. Martinez, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Luis O. Martinez, Arlington
Ms. Christine McCarren, N. Richland Hills
Mr. & Mrs. Jaris McClain, Gainesville
Mr. & Mrs. Mike McCloskey, Keller
The Reverend Jack McKone, Fort Worth
Mrs. Agnes McCullough, Saginaw
Mr. & Mrs. Mike McKown, Azle
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McLean, Pantego
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth McMurray, Fort Worth
Mr. Richard Meszaros, Westworth Village
Mr. & Mrs. Don Metzler, Lindsay
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Miller, Flower Mound
Mrs. Kathy Moller, Grapevine
Mrs. Joan Monaghan, Carrollton
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Moon, Bedford
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Felipe Munoz, Cleburne
Ms. Sandra Murphy, The Colony
Ms. Princess Mustapha, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Lizandro Naranjo, Roanoke
The Reverend Hoa X. Nguyen, Fort Worth
Deacon & Mrs. Jim Novak, Seymour
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Obudzinski, N. Richland Hills
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Ochsner, Mansfield
Mr. Ronald G. Olson, North Richland Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pagano, Aubrey
Mr. & Mrs. Cesar Palacios, Eastland
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Patient, Colleyville
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Peavy Jr., Graham
Mr. & Mrs. David Pennington, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Lee R. Peschel, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Peters, Seymour
Ms. Sherrie Pierce, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Joao Pimentel, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Poe, Flower Mound
Mr. & Mrs. David Polasek, Grapevine
Dr. & Mrs. James J. Pollifrone, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ponzica, Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Posluszny, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Don Prejean, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby J. Presnall, Goree
Mr. & Mrs. Alois Roger Pustejovsky, Mertens
Mr. & Mrs. John Quilty, Granbury
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Rascon, Carrollton
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Reilly, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Reinders, Colleyville
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Reinhardt, Colleyville
Mr. & Mrs. Duane Richards, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Simon Rico, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Rigney, Arlington
Mrs. Rosemary Riney, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Britt A. Robinson, Arlington
Mrs. Pat A. Rohmer, Muenster
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Rohmer, Southlake
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan F. Roll, N. Richland Hills
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ross, Arlington
Mr. Nathan Rotter, Flower Mound
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Rougraff, Flower Mound
Mr. & Mrs. Wolfgang Ruhl, Burkburnett
Mr. & Mrs. Arturo Sandoval, Aledo
Mr. & Mrs. Freddie Scarbrough, Wichita Falls
Mr. Dale Schilling & Dr. Elaine Schilling, Muenster
Lt. Col. & Mrs. Walter Schmick, Retired, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Schmidt, N. Richland Hills
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle J. Schroeder, Windthorst
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Schump, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Scott, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Simmons, Keller
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Smith, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Sprague, Grapevine
Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Springer, Southlake
Mr. & Mrs. Willett R. Stallworth, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stamm, Iowa Park
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stephenson, Grapevine
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Suchors, Justin
Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Suchower, Watauga
Ms. Bernadette Sulak, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Sullivan II, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Randy S. Sullivan, Dennis
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Sumption, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Svacina, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Swenson, Arlington
The Reverend John Swistovich, Bedford
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Takach, Denton
Mrs. Linda Taylor, Weatherford
Mr. & Mrs. Xavier Tetro, N. Richland Hills
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thomas, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Thompson, Benbrook
The Reverend D. Timothy Thompson, Denton
Mr. & Mrs. Bob C. Tidwell, Albany
Mr. Quoc Tran & Ms. Vian Boutaloth, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Tu Xuan Tran, Granbury
Mr. & Mrs. David P. Tyrone, N. Richland Hills
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Tyrrell, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Martin VanGundy, Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Vasquez, Weatherford
Mr. J A. Vecera Jr., Burleson
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Veitenheimer, Windthorst
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Viola, Hurst
Mr. & Mrs. Don Vogel, Saint Jo
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Voth, Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Ward, Azle
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Watson, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Wehkamp, Flower Mound
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Weinzapfel, Muenster
Mr. & Mrs. James Weller, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Wenson, Lewisville
Ms. Rosemary J. Weygandt, Grapevine
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Whitcomb, Azle
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Whitlock, Denton
Mr. David B. Williams, Fort Worth
Mr. Thomas E. Wilson, Arlington
Mrs. Veronica Wingen, Benbrook
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Winterling, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wischnewsky, Lewisville
Ms. Rita Yankah, Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Yoshitaka Yukawa, Fort Worth
Ms. Marilyn Zavoina, Fort Worth
Mr. & Mrs. George Zizzo, Benbrook
Mr. James P. Zoeller, Gordon

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Renée Underwood, CFRE
Associate Director of the Advancement Foundation

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