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Endowment Funds

A Gift That Lasts Forever

Throughout our lifetime, most of us strive to make a difference in the lives of others, providing gifts to the people and causes we value. Wouldn't it be nice to know that you could continue to make a difference for your parish, a Catholic school, the Diocese of Fort Worth or another organization even after you are gone—creating a legacy of support for the causes most important to you? By creating an endowment with the Advancement Foundation —or adding to our existing endowment—you can give a gift that lasts forever.

The Advancement Foundation manages more than 200 funds representing in excess of $83 million in assets. These assets enjoy a favorable historical performance and are invested in accordance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops guidelines for Socially Responsible Investments through a proprietary Catholic Values screening.

The Foundation is well equipped to accept gifts in any form, including cash, buildings, real estate and personal property. The Advancement Foundation also accepts gifts of stock, including gifts of stock from a closely held business.

An Endowment Fund provides a source of annual income to a Catholic organization of your choice. This fund is designed to function in perpetuity, making it possible for you to ensure long-term financial support to your chosen cause. Once established, anyone can make additional contributions to the fund in any dollar amount.

How It Works

  • You give cash, securities or other assets to an existing endowment or an endowment you create with the Advancement Foundation. If you can't give up assets today, consider making the gift in your will or other estate plan, specifying that you would like your gift to be used to fund an endowment.
  • You determine if your endowment will be designated to fund a specific parish, school or ministry, or given without restrictions to allow our board of directors to direct the fund to the most critical needs in the Diocese of Fort Worth.
  • We use a small portion of the fund to support our mission and provide ongoing income to the benefitting organizations, but the balance always remains invested in order to perpetuate the fund.

Endow Your Annual Gift

Make a plan so that the programs and goals most important to you continue thriving after your lifetime.

If your annual gift is: Amount needed to endow your gift forever: *
$1,000 $25,000
$2,500 $62,500
$5,000 $125,000
$10,000 $250,000
$20,000 $500,000

*At a 4 percent endowment spending level, 25 times an annual gift amount equals a perpetual gift.

A Case Study of Benefits

For many years, Susan has been providing $5,000 to her parish offertory each year. She wants to continue this giving and create a legacy of support after her lifetime. She decides to update her estate plan and establish an endowment gift in her will of $125,000. When the gift is made, we use a portion of the endowment each year to provide income to the parish and reinvest the remainder, allowing it to grow and support annual payments to the parish indefinitely. This generous arrangement allows Susan to continue supporting her parish each year during her lifetime and ensures she can support it after her lifetime.

We Can Help

We would love to work with you to help you create a lasting legacy that honors your Catholic values for many years to come. Please contact us today to learn more about establishing an endowment with the Advancement Foundation, or complete the simple form on this page of our website.

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Renée Underwood, CFRE
Chief Development Officer of the Advancement Foundation

Clint Weber
President of the Advancement Foundation

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