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Endowment Funds

Endowment Funds List

Endowment Funds Under Management of the Advancement Foundation

The following funds are currently held in the Advancement Foundation and provide perpetual streams of income for the designated beneficiaries (in bold face type).

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Advancement Foundation Endowment Funds

Advancement Foundation

  • Advancement Foundation O&G Funds
    (For parish and school needs as determined by the Foundation.)
  • Arthur & Martha Schumacher Memorial
    (For the unrestricted use of the Advancement Foundation.)

All Saints Parish, Fort Worth

  • All Saints Parish

All Saints Catholic School, Fort Worth

All Catholic Schools

  • Advancement Foundation Tuition Assistance Fund
  • Diocesan Center City Schools Endowment

Cassata Catholic High School, Fort Worth

  • Advancement Tuition Assistance Cassata O&G
  • Robert L. Cartwright Estate
  • Davidson
  • Cassata High School
  • J. Bowers Busch Estate Trust
  • Morris Foundation

Christ the King Parish

  • Christ the King Parish

Donor Advised Fund

  • Nguyen Thi Ly

Good Shepherd Catholic Community, Colleyville

  • Good Shepherd
  • Good Shepherd Parish

Holy Family Parish, Fort Worth

  • Holy Family - Church Parish
  • Pate
  • Sebert L Pate IRA Rollover
  • Greg Street Parish
  • Rectory Parish

Holy Family Catholic School, Fort Worth

  • Holy Family
  • Pam Addison

Holy Name of Jesus Parish, Fort Worth

  • Holy Name of Jesus Parish

Holy Redeemer Parish, Aledo

  • R Wilson Irrevocable Trust

Holy Trinity Catholic School, Grapevine

  • Holy Trinity
  • Holy Trinity Lynch School

Immaculate Conception Parish, Denton

  • Immaculate Conception
  • Immaculate Conception - Denton Parish

Immaculate Conception Catholic School, Denton

  • Angels among us Perpetual Light Scholarship
  • Borowski Perpetual Fund
  • Carol Hyatt Scholarship
  • Joan May Moran Scholarship
  • King Fund
  • Knights Athletic Fund
  • Krista Lynn Wilson Scholarship
  • Leane Pelzel Scholarship
  • Marie Franklin Mieth
  • Mary Irene Dougherty
  • St. John De Lasalle School Teacher Fund
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Future Fund
  • The Mananist Scholarship
  • Vogel

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Fort Worth

  • Hammonds Parish
  • Pafford Parish

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Abbott

  • Grubbs Stock Gift

Miscellaneous Funds

  • Diocese Retreat Center - Possum Kingdom Lake
  • Gene and Ruth Phillips Endowment
  • Mineral Interest - Broderick
  • NACC - A.E. and Jane Jackson Memorial Scholarship
  • SJHCF Health Trust - General Fund
  • Gilbert T. and Sherry L. Holloway Endowment Fund

Most Blessed Sacrament, Arlington

  • Martha Jane Watson Memorial Quasi-Endowment
  • Most Blessed Sacrament Parish
  • Most Blessed Sacrament Facility Maintenance
  • Most Blessed Sacrament Operations
  • Beaulah Burgess Memorial Endowment Fund

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Penelope

  • Knapek Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Nolan Catholic High School, Fort Worth

  • Advancement Tuition Assistance Nolan O&G
  • Anish
  • Board Designated
  • Michael Stephen Byrne Memorial Scholarship
  • Davis
  • Faculty/Staff - Restricted
  • Faculty/Staff Unsrestricted
  • Fischer Family Endowment Scholarship
  • General Account - Restricted
  • General Account - Unrestricted
  • Hoss
  • Knippel
  • Logan Kitowski Memorial
  • Lubrano Family Scholarship Quasi-Endowment Fund
  • Marianist Fund - St. Mary of the Assumption
  • Meyer
  • Minority
  • Nolan – Rearden

Notre Dame Catholic School, Wichita Falls

  • Notre Dame

Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Fort Worth

  • Our Lady of Fatima Parish

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Fort Worth

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe - Terminal #1 Parish
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe - Terminal #2 Parish
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe - Terminal #3 Parish
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe - Terminal #4 Parish
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe - Terminal #5 Parish
  • Traulsen Parish

Our Lady of Victory Catholic School, Fort Worth

  • Our Lady of Victory Catholic School

Our Mother of Mercy Catholic School, Fort Worth

  • Our Mother of Mercy

Priest Care Fund

  • Priest Care Fund

Sacred Heart Catholic School, Muenster

  • Vogel Endowed Scholarship

Sacred Heart Parish, Muenster

  • Bro. Thomas Mosher Vocation Fund

Sacred Heart Parish, Seymour

  • Sacred Heart Building and Maintenance Quasi-Endowment Fund
  • St. John Bomarton

Sacred Heart Parish, Wichita Falls

  • Catherine B Cooney Scholarship Fund
  • Sacred Heart-Wichita Falls


  • Seminary Burse

St. Andrew Catholic School, Fort Worth

  • St. Andrew Catholic School
  • William and Rose Hall Tuition Asst Fund

St. Andrew Parish, Fort Worth

  • St. Andrew Food Pantry - Fort Worth
  • St. Andrew Parish

St. Ann Parish, Burleson

  • St. Ann Parish

St. Bartholomew Parish, Fort Worth

  • St. Bartholomew - Endowment - Fort Worth
  • St. Bartholomew Parish

St. Boniface Parish, Scotland

  • St. Boniface Parish

St. Catherine of Siena, Carrollton

  • Beau Bolton Memorial Endowment Fund

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School, Keller

  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School
  • Kay Burrel Memorial Scholarship

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Keller

  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Columbaria
  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton General Investment Building Maintenance Endowment

St. Frances Cabrini Parish, Granbury

  • St. Frances Cabrini Parish

St. Francis of Assisi, Graford

  • St. Francis of Assisi – Graford

St. George Catholic School, Fort Worth

  • Anne Smith

St. George Parish, Fort Worth

  • St. George Parish

St. John the Apostle Catholic School, North Richland Hills

St. John the Apostle Parish, North Richland Hills

  • St. John the Apostle Parish

St. John the Baptizer, Bridgeport

  • The Vicky and Bob Gasper Memorial Endowed Scholarship

St. Joseph Parish, Arlington

  • St. Joseph - Arlington Parish

St. Joseph Parish, Cleburne

  • St. Joseph - Cleburne Parish

St. Joseph Parish, Rhineland

  • St. Joseph – Rhineland

St. Joseph Holy Rosary Catholic School, Arlington

  • Advancement Tuition Assistance St. Joseph O & G
  • St. Joseph Holy Rosary
  • St. Joseph Holy Rosary
  • DuToit Scholarship
  • Lynn Day Scholarship
  • Miller/Beck Endowment
  • Paul J. Ricca Scholarship
  • St. Joseph Holy Rosary - Tuition Assistance
  • Vogel Scholarship

St. Jude Parish, Mansfield

  • St. Jude - Mansfield
  • St. Jude - Mansfield - Oil & Gas
  • St. Jude Thaddeus Building & Maintenance Fund

St. Jude Thaddeus Parish, Burkburnett

  • St. Jude Thaddeus Building and Maintenance Quasi-Endowment Fund

St. Maria Goretti Catholic Parish, Arlington

  • St. Maria Goretti Church – Arlington

St. Maria Goretti Catholic School, Arlington

  • St. Maria Goretti
  • George & Olga Rodriquez Tuition Assistance
  • Joan & Jim Miller Scholarship

St. Mark, Argyle

  • St. Mark Building and Maintenance Fund

St. Martin de Porres Parish, Prosper

  • Father James Cuneo Memorial Fund Quasi-Endowment Fund
    (To benefit St. Martin de Porres Catholic School.)

St. Mary Catholic School, Gainesville

  • St. Mary
  • Marcia McCoy Angel of Perpetual Light Scholarship

St. Mary Parish, Dublin

  • St. Mary – Dublin

St. Mary Parish, Gainesville

  • Parish Endowment Support Fund
  • Pulte Fund

St. Mary Parish, Windthorst

  • St. Mary - Windthorst
  • Brother Leonard
  • Father Albert
  • Father Cletus
  • George Beaman Scholarship
  • St. Anthony Scholarship
  • Veterans Memorial

St. Mary of the Assumption Parish, Fort Worth

  • St. Mary of the Assumption Parish

St. Matthew Parish, Arlington

  • St. Matthew Parish

St. Patrick Cathedral, Fort Worth

  • St. Patrick Cathedral - Fort Worth

St. Paul Parish, Electra

  • St. Paul Cemetery
  • St. Paul General Investment

St. Paul the Apostle Parish, Fort Worth

  • St. Paul the Apostle Parish

St. Peter Parish, Lindsay

  • Msgr. Hubert J. Neu Endowment
  • St. Peter - Lindsay
  • Spaeth Family Chapel

St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School, White Settlement

  • St. Peter

St. Peter the Apostle Parish, White Settlement

  • St. Peter the Apostle Parish

St. Rita Catholic School, Fort Worth

  • St. Rita - Grounds Maintenance
  • St. Rita - Mr. & Mrs. James O'Donnell
  • The George William Sr. Frances Bernsen Hatch Memorial Fund
  • St. Rita – Unrestricted

St. Rita Parish, Ranger

  • Higginbotham Endowment

St. Rita Parish, Fort Worth

  • St. Rita Parish

St. Stephen, Weatherford

  • Fant Estate

St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery, Pilot Point

  • St. Thomas Cemetery - Pilot Point

St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, Fort Worth

  • St. Thomas the Apostle - Lake Country Parish
  • St. Thomas the Apostle Parish

St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Arlington

  • St. Vincent de Paul Parish

St. William Cemetery, Montague

  • St. William Cemetery – Montague

Thames Mission Fund, Bolivia

  • Thames Mission Fund

Vietnamese Martyrs Parish, Arlington

  • Vietnamese Martyrs Parish

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Renée Underwood, CFRE
Chief Development Officer of the Advancement Foundation

Clint Weber
President of the Advancement Foundation

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