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St. Maria Goretti Catholic School Endowment Funds

children learn about the rosary at St. Maria Goretti.
The children learn about the rosary at St. Maria Goretti Catholic School in Arlington.

A Catholic school like St. Maria Goretti is on a mission. It is not just about today’s mission—though that is where most of us do our giving. It is not even about a building that needs ongoing repair. It is about creating a durable foundation that lasts for generations to come. Thanks to forward thinking supporters, St. Maria Goretti Catholic School holds more than $1.5 million in endowment funds that continue to grow while also providing a perpetual stream of revenue to the school each year.

You may contribute to one of the existing endowment funds for St. Maria Goretti or choose to open a new named fund. You may also specify a St. Maria Goretti endowment fund in your will or estate plan. With your contributions our endowment funds will continue to grow and help us offer a classical Catholic education.

For more information about endowment funds, please visit our Endowment Funds page, contact the Advancement Foundation, or the St. Maria Goretti Catholic School Principal or Development Office at 817-275-5081.

Endowment Funds

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The longest established and single largest fund held by the Advancement Foundation for St. Maria Goretti Catholic School is its Unrestricted Endowment Fund. Each year, the school receives distributions from the fund that are used for tuition assistance or other budget needs.

This fund was established with proceeds from the 2023 Dinner Dance to provide funds for unbudgeted needs of St. Maria Goretti Catholic School that arise throughout the year. Funds are to be used at the discretion of the principal with the approval of the Finance Council.

Jim “Coach” and the late Joan Miller were long-time parishioners for many years. As part of their long legacy of support for St. Maria Goretti Catholic School, they created the Joan and Jim Miller Endowment to help many families with tuition assistance each year. Jim “Coach” Miller loved basketball and created the first basketball team at St. Maria Goretti School and was instrumental in creating fellowship in our parish. Coach Miller's patron Saint is St. Joseph because he has always considered himself a working man for Christ.

The Michael and Katherine Jauch Endowment was created in 2022 to assist middle-income families that want to provide their children with a Catholic education. Both Michael and Katherine have dedicated their lives to service. Michael has been a Police Officer for many years. Currently, he serves as a parish protection team member and Katherine has worked as a development officer for the Salvation Army for many years. Their love of service is a part of their everyday lives. Their desire for middle-income families to have the opportunity to give their children a Catholic education where service is taught as a virtue in life is a blessing to our school.

The Rodriquez family created an endowment that has assisted St. Maria Goretti families with tuition assistance every year since 2015. Many families have been able to experience a Catholic Education because of their generosity.

Established in 2023 by a long-time parishioner and supporter of St. Maria Goretti Catholic School, the St. Scholastica Scholarship Fund provides tuition assistance for students. The fund is named in honor of St. Scholastica, twin sister of St. Benedict, who lived in the fifth century and founded a religious community for women. Her Benedictine values of prayer, work, study, community, reverence and respect are hallmarks of the life of St. Scholastica and serve as a role model to everyone in the St. Maria Goretti Catholic School Community.

Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, this fund, established in 2022, provides tuition assistance funds for students attending St. Maria Goretti School.

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To contribute to any of these endowments, please use the secure form below or text ENDOWSMGCS to 817-402-3525. To open a new named endowment to benefit St. Maria Goretti Catholic School, please visit our Start an Endowment Fund page.


Thank you for supporting St. Maria Goretti Catholic School.




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